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Suits are a kind of apparel that has its own distinct charm, constituting it into a premium clothing category. Traditionally wore for formal occasions like at workplace or official meetings and gatherings, custom tailored suits have come a long way since t.. Read More

Style is an ever-changing constant. Since time immemorial, it has always been defined by a trend that gets triggered by a certain group of people whose fashion sense is followed by the others.

However, with advent of time, the definition of style has beco.. Read More

Deciding on what to wear for an interview is not an easy task, and the difficulty increases ten times if you are a woman. You can go for the usual business suit like men or choose from the women-only options but will they be perfect attire for the intervie.. Read More

Though the apparel market is crowded with readymade dresses, they can’t match the comfort and feel that comes from made to measure clothing. Tailored suits, jackets, overcoats and shirts are not just comfortable but also fit best to your lifestyle. For i.. Read More

The respect you garner at the workplace depends on several personality traits like your behaviour, attitude, professionalism, and treatment to your fellow colleagues. However, there is one more thing that affects the amount of respect you receive at office.. Read More

Men's suit jackets generally contain an interlining to help keep the shape of the jackets and there are three different kinds, Fused, Half-Canvassed and Full Canvassed. Whereas women have more curves than men, so an unstructured jacket is more appropriate.. Read More

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