Garment Care Guide

Some simple tips to help keep your custom suit looking like new.

Steam it

A dry iron can burn the fabric’s fibers. It’s better to invest in a steamer, or for a simple, affordable solution, just hang your suit in the bathroom when you shower.

A good quality suit brush will help remove dust, and a lint roller is always a good idea. Brush your suit before and after each wear and store it in your suit bag with the zipper open. This will keep the suit dust free and let the fabric breathe.

You want to minimize dry cleaning. It’s hard on suits. For lots of issues, a simple spot cleaning with a fresh, damp cloth will do the trick.

Give your suit a good airing after each wear. Often that’s all you’ll need to remove even smoke and food odors.

No wire hangers! A nice wooden one will help your suit keep its shape and help you preserve your investment.

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