Your overcoat doesn’t have to fly under the radar. Make a statement with one that’s completely custom, beautifully fitted, and all your style.

(From $549)


Exactly want you want made to order, with the fabric, style, and impeccable fit that perfectly suits you and only you.

(From $499)

Man in gray pinstripe suit adjusting his shirt cuff


Dressed up, or dressed down, you can’t have too many. Choose a pattern, pick a texture, and get the fit that’s all you.

(From $319)


Made to order means the perfect drape, the perfect break, the perfect look. And that’s the long and short of it.

(From $179)

Man in gray pinstripe suit adjusting his shirt cuff


It’s the third piece of a suit, or a statement piece on its own. Think of it as an investment in style.

(From $139)


Say bye-bye to boxy. A custom shirt means a perfect fit with your perfectly cut suit.

(From $109)

Man in gray pinstripe suit adjusting his shirt cuff


Your perfectly fitted dream jean awaits. You make the call on every single detail, including the weight and feel of the denim. Yes, selvedge is available, too.

(From $199)


Mato offers a choice of hundreds of colors and patterns in the finest of fabrics, including our Premium Fabric Collection, Stylbiella Italian Wool Collection, Marzoni and VBC. You pick the one that’s right for you based on your needs, your occasions, and your budget.

Man in gray pinstripe suit adjusting his shirt cuff

Quality Workmanship

You’ll notice our obsessive attention to detail from your very first appointment. But that’s just the beginning. We’re committed to the highest standards of quality craftsmanship for your garment in every way, from fabric and materials to construction, sewing and tailoring. At Mato, only excellence fits.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to have our personal Image Consultant and Tailor visit you at your home or office to get you on your way to a beautifully fitted, custom wardrobe.

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