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Top 5 Things to Consider in Your Tailored Suit Design

Suits are a kind of apparel that has its own distinct charm, constituting it into a premium clothing category. Traditionally wore for formal occasions like at workplace or official meetings and gatherings, custom tailored suits have come a long way since then and now are a preferred apparel for other lifestyle events too, especially weddings.

Undoubtedly, every occasion demands a different kind of suit. You can’t wear the same suit to a wedding that you wear to your office. Hence, it is crucial to take care of such design and style elements while getting a custom tailored suit online.

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Here are top 5 things to consider in your suit design.

1. Single vs. double breasted suits

The single breasted suit is a more classic design and is widely available. It has two halves buttoning together at the front. However, one of the best custom suit designs is a double breasted suit that is more formal and is usually worn at official events. It has extra clothing folding from left to right with four, six, or eight button variations. Comparatively, double breasted suits are worn less often than their single breasted counterparts simply because they are a bit rare nowadays.

2. The suit buttons

Most of the tailor made suits have one, two or three button options on the front. The most common style is the two-buttoned suit. The different buttoned suits match different kinds of physiques. The one buttoned is for lean men and is usually worn with a black tie. The two buttoned is one of the most classic designs and usually suits all body types. Since the three buttoned suit gives an impression of heightened torso, it is suitable for taller men.

Tailored Fitted Suits for Women

3. The shape of the suit

The three widely accepted shapes available with custom tailored suits online are – sack, structured, and fitted. The sack shape hangs on the body and has narrow shoulders. It is the most casual type of suit design. The structured suit is inspired by the military uniform and has padded shoulders while the waist is trimmed to give the physique an hourglass appearance. The fitted shape is mostly for people who have a decent physique. It has the least padding and is tailored to perfection.

4. The lapel options

Lapels define a suit’s proportion to a significant extent. A wide lapel usually suits a man of good physique. However, if worn by a man with less height, the same lapel will dwarf his appearance. The three primary custom made suit lapels are notch, peak, and shawl. In notch lapel, the top and the bottom of the collar connects in a notch. Peak lapel has strong edges pointed up towards the shoulders. A suit with shawl lapel is usually worn on informal suits. The lapel collar has a continuous and consistent curve that doesn’t break unlike the notch or peak lapel.

5. Types of suit vent

Vents in a suit act as additional feature that modify the overall look of the suit and helps in movement. Primarily, there are three kinds of suits – suits without any vents (Italian), suits with single vent (American), and double vents (English). Vent-less suits just have a coat without any vents in the rear. Single vented suits have one single vent in the middle of the rear part of the coat, while the double vented suits have vents at two ends of the coat, making the rear of the coat working as a flap that helps with movement.

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